Yang Sedang Terlalu Menyukaiku


Kekecewaan datang tak terencana. Tetiba ia datang padaku seperti topan di musim semi. Ketika semua hal terlihat tertulis indah dan tergambar sempurna, hembusan angin memporak-porandakan tumpukan kertas dan susunan kanvas. Ya, begitulah kira-kira.

Kekecewaan hanyalah salah satu dari emosi.

Ia datang tak melihat waktu. Apa arti waktu bagi emosi? Waktu bagaikan lokasi agar emosi dan raga dapat berjumpa. Emosi tak pernah melihat bagaimana waktu bersedia menyisihkan tempat untuknya, untuk bertemu raga. Merubah apa yang sudah tersaji, lebih buruk terkadang lebih baik juga.


Kembali lagi dengan kekecewaan. Agaknya rasa kecewa akhir-akhir ini sedang terlalu menyukaiku. Tak peduli apa yang aku lakukan, ia datang membuntutiku. Tersenyum menyeringai, menggoda, mengolok, menertawakan. Ia tiba-tiba datang saat sudah kulupakan bahwa dia ada di dunia. Tapi, kekecewaan selalu datang belakangan kan?

Oh ya sih, itu penyesalan. Jika dipikir-pikir, penyesalan sepertinya ada kongkalikong dengan si kekecewaan ini. Mereka berdua sama saja. Saat bahagia datang, percaya diri tertawa-tawa, kelegaan bercanda, dengan senyum mengoloknya kekecewaan datang begitu saja. Kebahagiaan? Kelegaan? Kepercayaan diri? Ah, mereka tak akur dengannya.


Begitulah kisahnya. Meski hari sedang biru, jangan lupa untuk selalu membagi senyum. Tak ada yang tahu betapa senyum bisa membuat yang sedang dirundung kecewa menjadi sedikit melupakan masalahnya, kan?

Almost half day after the darkest two half hour of exam.
Nurita, still recovering herself. 
Getting rid of the disappointment who keep clinging onto her unexpectedly.

Hap Hap Happy Birthday!

I met her in the first year of school (even though I met her in kindergarten but she didn’t know me, what a sad fact) and since then God decided than we could be friends.


me being the ugly one

me being the ugly one


I would sing you happy birthday or buy you a piece of expensive cake and gifts but I am like a thousand kilometres in your west. Besides, i’m only student with enough budget for a month. Anyway, this is my way to say it to your face, though (lol it sounds mean idc).


lol happy birthday im so late though im sorry

lol happy birthday im so late though im sorry

Happy Birthday, dear Dyah!


I would wish so many good things happen to you, but you can actually specifically say it to Allah in every prayer you do (heheheh).


I’ve known you for like centuries and I’m glad that I do. I sound so girly and selfish saying you are my bestfriend and all, because what if you didn’t actually think I am your bestfriend too. Hehehe. But I’m so grateful for these last 13 years we’ve gone through and may good things happen to us soon, like going to Emirates Stadium or going on trip to the whole England. I don’t know, wait me till I’m super rich and we’ll go there, promise!!!


Anyway, i hope you do well there in your study. Physical therapy is hella cool and hope you can be whatever you want after your study. You said once you wanted to study abroad after this study and YES GIRL I’M WITH YOU. I wish you can be one of the best physiotherapists in the future and/or Arsenal physiotherapist to be specific. I MEAN WE CAN WORK TOGETHER ON THIS. Okay enough.


I hope you’re having good times in your weeks-off while I’m here still working my butts off to get through this semester. It’s not even sarcasm.


Finally, that is all. Thank you for reading this crappy note. Hope you’re always healthy and have a good birthday!!! Keep goonering though!!!



For those who stumble on this post and be sad because this isn’t about you, here’s a link to cover of Sixpence None The Richer’s Kiss Me by the birthday girl. Hope your day enlighten!

Short Update from Me (Finally)

Woah! That was a long pause of me writing something. I’ve got so many things buried down my mind but no internet connection failed me to explore more and most importantly to post what i have written.

I didn’t write anything in August (at least here) and it made me feel fail as a writer-wannabe.

I’ve got an exciting long-but-felt-short-holiday. Starting the holiday with the lads and ladies from college, I spent most of it with my family. Too many things happened, such like i basically shutting off everyone just to be with my family. It sounds rude but well i forgot i ever had a phone and internet connection because well, I was finally with family.

And finally we became seniors because there are new students coming.

I’d love to tell more, but later in other posts yes?

In this late September, I have brought myself back from the deepness of my cave and the darkness of it; ready to face what I’ve faced for the past year, or even harder. This is the time to get all work done. I got you a nice page about getting shit done. Just click the picture above.

If i may quote the last sentence of its article, “Yes summer is over, get over it! Now it’s time to get yourself organized, to look for productivity hacks and to stop complaining!”

From the border of the biggest city in Indonesia, I’m writing this with a thoughful mind and nervous smile.

Kesabaran Awal dari Kesetiaan?


Entahlah, pertanyaan itu tiba-tiba muncul beberapa menit sebelum waktu ujian mata kuliah Bahasa Indonesia usai.

Kampus kami memang berbeda dengan kampus-kampus yang lain, karena kampus kami adalah perguruan tinggi kedinasan, maka semua jadwal dan kelas ditentukan oleh sekretariat. Kelas kami pun setiap hari sama untuk semua mata kuliah, persis seperti masa SMA.

Ujian semester kali ini adalah yang perdana bagi kami. Kami sekelas mengerjakan ujian bersama lima kelas yang lain di salah satu gedung serbaguna di kampus kami. Suasana yang begitu ramai mengingatkan kami pada masa-masa perjuangan kami dahulu, saat-saat Ujian Saringan Masuk. Continue reading