13 essential resources every literature student needs to use

I think we need this; i need this & you need this.


1. Your Librarian is probably your best resource

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Most, if not all libraries, will have paid professionals who are able to guide you around to find what you need. Go to the help desk and don’t be shy. Trust me. You may be 18 or 78, but there are people of all ages from all walks of life doing various types of research, and often, librarians will give you those extra tips to figure out where you need to go. Not only will they be able to locate a call number for you, but they’ll likely be able to tell you what the best publications are and the best way to locate them on your online database. Remember, you want to spend the least amount possible

2. Google Scholar

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Google Scholar is a free resource that can find loads of academic articles without having to bypass paywalls or an endless…

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