About Me


Welcome to my page. Basically, this is the place where i’ll be writing some of my ideas on.
And then some of you will ask, “Who is this person?”


I am Nurita.
I was born in a small town in the eastern part of Java Island. If you can’t figure out where that island is, I’ll give you a clue: that island is in the west of Bali Island. If you still can’t figure out yet, I’ll suggest you to grab a map or go visit Google Map. And tada!

I like reading as much as I love watching football. No, I am not an athlete. I am just a normal student who really loves eating potato. I’ll probably share my daily life stories as i find them quite interesting sometimes. Just a little information, I’m here just having fun. Improving my writing skill is one of my main purpose behind this blog. Others? Probably just having this blog as a close friend to chat on with. Ha.

Anyway, excuse my weirdness. I know I am weird and so are you now.


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