The Pause Button

Press pause.

Do you ever feel you’re stuck in the middle of business and just want to take a break and enjoy a cup of tea? Because i do. Grabbing a remote, i press the pause button. Oh, yea, i wish. 

It is true that sometimes you want to just press the pause button of your life and take a breath from whatever your daily routines are. Sometimes, you want to press the pause button just to spend the time a little longer with people you love or just to appreciate what you have around you. But, does that pause button really exist? If it so, why does it exists?

You are in a middle of a meeting, caught up in thoughts, thinking about how fresh the air of your hometown, how cold the water there, or how happy the people are.


You are in your study room working on your paper when a picture of your ex-girlfriend falls down from between pages of your book. Your mind then goes back to when both of you singing at the top of your lungs in her 18th birthday party.


You are surrounded by people you love at the moment, your old friends. Those who helped you get through difficult times and cheered on you when you accomplished success. You, somehow, want this moment last forever, just talking and having them around you. Putting the rest of the world aside, you want to somehow pause the moment and have this time for a little bit longer.

That pause button is actually the representative of being still in the middle of somewhere or thought of something. I don’t know what others think about it but I prefer describe the ‘pause button’ as a way to reflect what we have or have done.

There are so many quotes out there saying things such as “there’s no pause in this life” or “to accomplish things you need minimal pauses and breaks.” I personally do not agree with things like that yet i don’t say they’re wrong either. That could be true. But can you imagine driving for a long time without breaks and stops?

It would be a hell of tiring driving. It is so fine to just stop for a moment to smoke a cigarette (not me thought, I hate it.)

What I am trying to say is, it is okay to stop struggling for a moment and enjoy things you’ve achieved. By pressing that pause button, you can see through yourself what you’ve achieved and what you have, what you haven’t done and what could you do. You look back and find out what are things you might have been able to do.

By pressing the pause button, you can care more to your surroundings. You’ll be even more grateful because hey, not all people are just as blessed as you are. Look at what you have on your hands! Job? House? Money? Jewelry? Pretty wife? Hard-working husband?

Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in. – Sebastian Vettel

Go sip your tea comfortably in the morning, do your report all day, and hug your pillow at night. There’s always pause button everywhere; to remake your mood and reshuffle your ideas.

Whatever phase of life you are in, make time to pause and reflect where you are heading to. It is a good time to insert a comma now and realign yourself to your inner self before your life ends in a full stop. ― Roopleen


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