Short Update from Me (Finally)

Woah! That was a long pause of me writing something. I’ve got so many things buried down my mind but no internet connection failed me to explore more and most importantly to post what i have written.

I didn’t write anything in August (at least here) and it made me feel fail as a writer-wannabe.

I’ve got an exciting long-but-felt-short-holiday. Starting the holiday with the lads and ladies from college, I spent most of it with my family. Too many things happened, such like i basically shutting off everyone just to be with my family. It sounds rude but well i forgot i ever had a phone and internet connection because well, I was finally with family.

And finally we became seniors because there are new students coming.

I’d love to tell more, but later in other posts yes?

In this late September, I have brought myself back from the deepness of my cave and the darkness of it; ready to face what I’ve faced for the past year, or even harder. This is the time to get all work done. I got you a nice page about getting shit done. Just click the picture above.

If i may quote the last sentence of its article, “Yes summer is over, get over it! Now it’s time to get yourself organized, to look for productivity hacks and to stop complaining!”

From the border of the biggest city in Indonesia, I’m writing this with a thoughful mind and nervous smile.


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