Introduced by Dora, Got Better with Football

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This is a story of my journey of learning Spanish. I honestly love learning languages, i’d love to be able to speak two or more foreign languages. Just like what my mother said when i was a little kid, language is a very important thing to build a good communication. She always told me to learn English well because later in future we don’t need only one but two or more languages to build a good connection with people. She always said globalism is on its way so we have to prepare ourselves.

Maybe that is why i really concerned to learn languages at first, but then those model changed as i realized that i wanna learn world’s cultures and languages not because i have to, but because i’d love to. English started it all. And then i started learning a bit Japanese, German, and Spanish. Since i really love football, i always look up to those country whose football league is my favorites; England and Spain. 

Born as football lover, I know quite well the football culture in the world, lol no JK. I don’t know how it started but all i know is i really addicted watching Thierry Henry and then i became a fan of Arsenal till now. Cesc Fabregas is one of my favorites; but sadly he went away back to his homeland. Being a fan-girl i was, I tried to find out anything about him. I don’t know why it dragged me more to learn Spanish culture and language.

I find Spanish sexy, just like the human beings. And the fact Spanish is one of most-spoken languages makes me wanna learn it better, not only keep saying te amo or tarjetas amarillas all the time. Oh, because of football i know that coach or manager in football is called entrenador and corner kicks is called saque de esquina. And because of football i know phrases like ¡Vamos España!, La Furia Roja, Los Galacticos, Azulgrana, etc. And know sexy people like Iker Casillas or Cesc Fabregas.

But, by the way the first time i know spanish words were from watching Dora the Explorer. Ha! Don’t be surprised! It was when i was so young and innocent like a little angel. I was in early years of elementary, i guess, and really liked watching Nickelodeon cartoons, just like Dora, Hey Arnorld!, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, etc. (True 90s kids things!)

Those times i got really excited when Dora mentioned some spanish words; just like amarilla, azul, roja, grande, alto, verde, etc. And when it came to counting; i got really excited too; uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho! Back then Dora often did the counting until eight so until i was in my first year of high school i could only count until eight in spanish -___-

At year 7, i started learning a basic spanish just like numbers, days, colors individually. In early days of high school, I had a goal at that time to at least be able to speak a little bit Spanish after i graduated from junior high school. But what was the result? Tada! I stuck in my place in the basic level of ability even after i graduated from junior high school.

Then when I was in senior high school, I learned a little bit more, just a really bit more. How to introduce yourself; your name, origin, ages, basically the basic conversation. I was also learning a bit Japanese when I was in my first year of senior high school and then learning German in the 2nd and 3rd year. Those were quite distractions for me to learn fully learn Spanish because those were subjects that i had to learn, to study, to be able to do the exam. Since i had high mobility I rarely had time to just sit down and learn languages other than those times in classes. So you know what happened next, my Spanish ability was just like yeah.

Me llamo Nurita. Soy estudiante de contabilidad y 19 años. Soy morena y de Indonesia. ¿Como te llamas y de donde eres?

Now that i am in college, I really try hard to learn this language well. I’ve got so many friends here who have the same passion as me so that helps me a lot to improve. I hope they can help me learn languages better. Hehehe.
If you have found your passion or talent, please just keep improving them, practice and practice. Don’t be like me, doing things not continually. Doing things that you love and love things that you’re doing!

Creo que esto es todo por hoy.
¡Hasta luego! ¡Adíos!


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